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A Day with Daisy

The adventures of Daisy, the accidental superstar

A Day with Daisy

Daisy’s Unexpected Step Into Fame

July 28th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Practicing the closing bow during one of the show rehearsals

Daisy (AKA Sandy) sitting like a good girl during her part at one of the show rehearsals

Every weekend, my mom and I go to the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  When we get there, I get to hang out with a bunch of my friends from Phamaly Theatre Company.  Everybody loves me there.  They all give me lots of kisses and scratches behind the ears.   Every now and then, I even get to go up onstage with some of them.  And, let me tell you, that is AWESOME!  When I’m up onstage I feel like a superstar.  It makes me so happy that I just wag my tail and smile.  ALL those people sitting in those seats are there for me (well, at least that’s what I like to think).  Then, later on that night, we get to walk through the lobby, where there are so many people waiting to meet me (I never knew I had that many friends out there).  I hear a lot of “ooos” and “awwwws”.  And lots of people pet me and take my picture.  Sometimes my mom even stamps their program with a paw-shaped stamp and signs my name.  And I get to give out a lot of kisses too.  A lot of the kids and adults are in wheelchairs, or using crutches or braces.  Sometimes, they’re even hooked up to oxygen tanks.  But I’m not scared of any of that stuff.  I just like to give them kisses and make them smile.  And guess what?  We have another set of shows coming up this weekend!  I can’t wait.


Daisy and a few other Annie cast members on the Everyday with Chris Parente show

About 3 – 4 months ago, I heard that Phamaly Theatre Group was looking for a dog to play the part of Sandy in their upcoming production of Annie.  They were specifically looking for a dog with a disability of some kind, and dog that knew basic commands, like sit and stay.  You see, Phamaly Theatre Group is the only theatre group of its kind.  Every performer has a disability of some kind.  Let me be clear though – that is the only thing that is different about this theatre group.  The people, and the talent, and the prfessionalism of each production is just as good – or better – than any other theatre production out there.

I figured we didn’t have anything to lose, so we showed up for the auditions.  A few days later, I received the call that Daisy had won the part – and it has been a whirlwind ever since.  Before I knew it, a local TV show called Everyday with Chris Parente had a few of us on their show.

Ever since the night that the show officially kicked off (July 15), I have been repeatedly humbled and taken aback beyond my wildest expectations.  Not only has Daisy done exceptionally well with her part as Sandy – but she actually seems to love it.  She thrives on the attention, and loves

Daisy and Sonny (the other dog in the play) during one of their many photo ops.

Daisy (AKA Sandy) with Annie on stage during the show

being up there on stage.  When we walk throught the lobby after the show, she absolutely loves all the people and kids who swarm over to say hi, pet her, get their photo taken with her, and get her “pawdigraph”.

I am humbled every weekend with new experiences.  One night, a cute little girl in a wheelchair was hanging back, watching us from a distance.  I pulled Daisy away from the crowd, walked over, and asked if she wanted to say “hi”.  She nodded her head.  Daisy then commenced to lick her toes and her fingers, and that giggle just made my night.

We have another round of shows this weekend, and then the weekend after that.  August 6 is closing night.  I honestly do not know where this journey will take us.  For now, we are just enjoying the moment.  If you happen to attend one of the shows, please stay after the show and say hi to us in the lobby.  Daisy would love to smother you with kisses.

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  • travisray

    Wowza Daisy!! You are a superstar! And so inpsiring! Me, I would be terrified up on that stage, you are much braver than me. Keep up the great work girlfriend! 🎭
    Travis Ray and the Oaktown Pack

  • linda8115

    Daisy you are a true rock Star! You are one of a few in life to find their true calling and being able to love going to work ! 😉 Sending bouquets of flowers smothered in yummy biscuits to the star! Keep spreading that love!

  • jerry

    WHHEEEEEE! OMG you guys a super big congrats! I am so hoppy that one of our own won the part, what a life-changing thing to happen to you both.

    I’m pretty sure I would be crying happy tears on every night of that performance. You carry a lotta kleenex with you right?

    How I wish we could go see you! We are 3 hours away but if we find ourselves near the area for some reason we will make it a point to get tickets and watch.

    Congrats you guys!!!!!

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